(....and a little bit of BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and Subaru)

Bolt Kits

Our in-house engineered bolt kit for the Audi B5, B6 and B7 and the VW Mk5/ Mk6 platforms is more affordable, and as good or better quality than pretty much any other on the market. Click on the button below and get the specs. 

"Unique, Effective, Efficient, Affordable"

Transforming your braking system, without breaking the bank......

PLEASE BEAR WITH US! OUR SITE IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT, MORE GREAT CONTENT IS ON THE WAY, including some great discussion on 'crossdrilled compared to slotted' rotors

Crossdrilled Rotors

Custom cross-drilled brake rotors is what we specialize in, with an emphasis on Vdub and Audi, but we have done them for BMW, some Porsches, a few Mercedes models, and even a few Subarus on special request. Our designs are unique, functional and best of all, affordable.

Brembo 17Z and 18Z calipers are an excellent upgrade on the Audi B5 S4, and the B6 and B7 S4 and A4Q platforms, as well as VW Mk5 and Mk6...and usually only with minor modifications that we here at RotorLab can do for you. It's a substantial braking power increase, and ours are far lower cost than retail shops.

Custom Brake Calipers

Our Products


At RotorLab we have a philosophy: it shouldnt cost you a 2nd mortgage to get good quality, performance braking components for your car...and SOMEBODY has to be able to make them at a price you can afford, made by enthusiasts like you, for the kinds of cars you drive. It's a philosophy we've operated under since we first began doing rotors, around the fall of 1997----far longer than pretty much anyone else.

And being a small, part-time, 2-man operation (instead of a retail shop or mail-order house) means we can put the emphasis on close customer contact and great customer service.

Unique and Efficient Rotor Designs, and Customized Calipers

At RotorLab we have crossdrilled rotor patterns for almost all VW and Audi platforms and models---most of which you simply wont find anwhere else. You can select an OE replacement or ask us about upgrade options, to bring your brake system up to speed.

And our Brembo 17Z and 18Z calipers are customized to your specs..... with options you just won't find anywhere else.

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