Blue with white Brembo logo

Deep Bantam Red with no logo


PLEASE NOTE: the Imola Yellow color is a limited-run color. We have had far too many requests for yellow, and of course there are seemingly 50 different shades of what people consider to be "yellow"---and it is impossible to cater to them all. Plus the color tends to look differently depending on the light. With the same formula, we've had people say it looked both darker and lighter than what they saw in the pictures. It would seem there is no "happy medium" way to make everyone satisfied with it. As such, we are soon discontinuing it. If you want to request yellow, we will consider it-----CALL US.

Brembo 18Z Calipers by RotorLab

The Brembo 18Z caliper is a substantial braking power upgrade for many Audi and Vdub platforms. It works especially well on the B5 S4, C5 Allroad, and all B6 and B7 cars....also works well on the A4Q, although we have heard stories about the master cylinder on the B5 A4Q being underpowered (insufficient fluid volume flow) to handle the 18Z fluid dynamics requirements. We cannot confirm that empirically or through any known tests, simply by the testament of what we have heard from several customers in the past. But the B5 A4 MUST convert to the B5 S4 uprights to run 17Zs or 18Zs. 


The 18Zs also have been can successfully adapted to work on the VW Mk5 and Mk6 Golf or Jetta platforms, in all their variations.


The 18Z caliper is intended to accomodate a 350mm rotor, which is larger than the stock rotors that came on any of those cars. 18Z's also work extremely well on the B6/B7 platform OE 345mm rotors. This will produce a braking coefficient that is dramatically greater than stock OE brakes. 


Note: to make them work on these platforms with the OE 345mm rotors (which is a huge braking power increase and by far the most cost-effective route to go, as opposed to aftermarket 350mm 2-piece rotors offered by a few retail outfits), the offset must be modified. This is accomplished by modifying the 18Z mounting tabs. 


Thanks to this caliper having originally come from several pre-existing VW, Audi and Porsche platforms, the mounting tab bolt-hole location helps make this a near-bolt-on job on a number of different VW and Audi applications.  The most cost-effective route is one of several different 345mm rotors. 


All our calipers are completely inspected and refurbished, pressure tested, media-blasted and thoroughly cleaned. They then get 3 coats: 2 full coats of high-temp epoxy coating, and one coat of clear. The logos are then applied. (We no longer clearcoat over our logos....for several reasons. Call us and we will explain.) What you end up with is a caliper that is ready to install, 'no muss-no fuss', no worries....and will look great and perform well for a long time.


Available in your choice of 5 brilliant motorsport-inspired caliper colors, and either Porsche or Brembo logos available in 4 different colors, making it easy to customize the calipers to meet your own individual style. See the pictures below for some examples of calipers we have done.

Deep Bantam Red with white Brembo logo

Current Price: $575.00/pair plus shipping

Available logos and colors:

--Porsche logo: black red, silver and white

--Brembo logo: white or black


We have a couple of others as us and we'll fill you in 

Deep Bantam Red with white Porsche logo

Deep Bantam Red with black Porsche logo

Carbon Metallic Silver with black Porsche logo

Gloss black with black Brembo logo

Imola Yellow with black Porsche logo

Imola Yellow with white Brembo logo

Available caliper colors:

--Deep Bantam Red

--Carbon Metallic Silver

--Imola yellow

--Gloss Black

--Medium Blue

--New: Dark blue

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