In all fairness, you need to know that NO coating is "absolutely impervious" to the elements.

Every coating out there will eventually lose to mother nature, father time and the elements. No getting around it. But at At RotorLab we have been using a patented, proprietary ceramic-infused silver-oxide coating for over 8 years now. Our coating not only protects well against the elements and seems to last a lot longer (the set running on our cars is currently at almost 18 months, through heavy Pacific NW rains and still looks great), but also actually has heat-dissipating qualities due to the ceramic particles in the pre-applied emulsion. No other coating out there can make this claim. Its bright silver appearance also gives the wheel and brake area that nice "clean" look, and easily washes up with regular soap and water and a sponge when detailing your car. 

Another RotorLab innovation that comes to your benefit.



We've been asked about "rust resistant" coatings, such as cadmium or zinc plating, like some companies sell. Bad news, folks: cadmium is known to be a highly toxic substance, is environmentally hazardous and is just genrally bad stuff, quite frankly. Zinc coatings are less toxic but dont seem to last very well. We have found, in over 25 years of building custom watercooled VW's and Audis, that the 'cad plating', 'zinc coating' or 'black coating' most of these companies put on doesn't seem to last very well. 3-6 months at MOST. Salt, solvents and roadway water and grime take their toll on them and in no time at all, evidence of rust begins to appear. It's almost a foregone conclusion.



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